(Pronounced [[t]ɪntuː[/t]] or [[t]ɪ̱ntuː[/t]], particularly before pronouns and for meaning 14.)
1) PREP If you put one thing into another, you put the first thing inside the second.

Combine the remaining ingredients and put them into a dish...

Until the 1980s almost all olives were packed into jars by hand.

2) PREP If you go into a place or vehicle, you move from being outside it to being inside it.

I have no idea how he got into Iraq...

She got up and went into an inner office...

He got into bed and started to read.

3) PREP If one thing goes into another, the first thing moves from the outside to the inside of the second thing, by breaking or damaging the surface of it.

Flavell had accidentally discharged a pistol, firing it into the ceiling...

The rider came off and the handlebar went into his neck.

4) PREP If one thing gets into another, the first thing enters the second and becomes part of it.

Poisonous smoke had got into the water supply...

The money went into a common fund.

5) PREP If you are walking or driving a vehicle and you bump into something or crash into something, you hit it accidentally.

A train from Kent plowed into the barrier at the end of the platform...

Joanna heard him bump into the table and curse again.

6) PREP When you get into a piece of clothing, you put it on.

She could change into a different outfit in two minutes...

He put on his underwear and got into his suit.

7) PREP: v PREP n, n PREP n If someone or something gets into a particular state, they start being in that state.

He had too much time on his hands and that caused him to get into trouble...

I slid into a depression.

...the group's plunge into financial crisis earlier in the year.

8) PREP: v n PREP n/-ing If you talk someone into doing something, you persuade them to do it.

Gerome tried to talk her into taking an apartment in Paris.

9) PREP If something changes into something else, it then has a new form, shape, or nature. turn a nasty episode into a little bit of a joke.

...learning what she needs to know to grow into a competent adult.

...Irish fairytales that had been translated into English.

10) PREP If something is cut or split into a number of pieces or sections, it is divided so that it becomes several smaller pieces or sections.

Sixteen teams are taking part, divided into four groups...

Roll out the pastry and cut into narrow strips...

Now if a great lake like Victoria were to dry up partially, it would be split into a number of separate, smaller lakes.

11) PREP: n PREP n An investigation into a subject or event is concerned with that subject or event.

The concert will raise funds for research into Aids...

We are beginning to have some insight into drug therapy.

12) PREP If you move or go into a particular career or business, you start working in it.

In the early 1980s, it was easy to get into the rental business...

He closed down the business and went into politics.

13) PREP If something continues into a period of time, it continues until after that period of time has begun.

He had three children, and lived on into his sixties...

The Open Golf Championship will be getting into its second day in a few hours.

14) PREP: v-link PREP n If you are very interested in something and like it very much, you can say that you are into it. [INFORMAL]

I'm into electronics myself.

English dictionary. 2008.